Sea Kayak Coaching

This training is conducted in shorter sessions, usually of about two (2) hours duration and can be customized to suit your personal needs.  It can be either 1 on 1 coaching or for couples / 2 people planning to paddle together. It can vary from 1 or 2 sessions covering skills such as Eskimo Rolling and Self Rescue to multiple sessions training with a particular goal in mind.

Dates & Times

Thurs, Fri or Sat morning, from 7am


From $60 per hour, min. of 2 hours per session

Course Outline

Below is an outline of the format taken, when training has been required, to prepare for an AC Sea Skills Assessment. (Remember that each session can be customised to your individual needs:

Session 1

  • Outline goal and skill set required.
  • Look at equipment & other knowledge required
  • Basic strokes emphasizing the 'paddlers box'
  • Support Strokes & wet exit

Session 2

  • How to lean and edge your kayak
  • Learn how your lower body and kayak work together while the upper body remains independent
  • Combine strokes to maximise your control of the kayak
  • Self Rescue & Assisted Rescue

Session 3

  • Advanced strokes
  • Towing techniques
  • How to  paddle a skegged kayak in all conditions
  • Learn the progressions of the Eskimo Roll

Session 4

  • Trip Planning - weather, tides & safety equipment
  • Advanced forward paddle stroke
  • Putting your Eskimo roll together
  • Preparing for the surf

Session 5

  • Surf Assessment - where to go and when to go!
  • Techniques for launching in the surf
  • Techniques for landing in the surf
  • Surfing a Sea Kayak

Session 6

  • Recap and refine all skills learnt thus far
  • Bombproofing your Eskimo Roll
  • Preparation for a Multi Day Trip
  • Completing a Float Plan


The recommended time between each session will be dependent upon on the amount of time you have to practice and the speed at which you learn the skills.

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Dylan on a Jester Surf Ski
Dylan on a Jester Surf Ski

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