Tahe Marine Zegul 520 LV

Vacuum infusing, which we use in Zegul production, is one of the most advanced construction methods used in the composite industry.This production method ensures the best strength/weight ratio possible. Here we are combining the high-performance properties of marine grade epoxy resin with several types of carbon fibre, carbon/aramide and glass fabrics to create very high-end products with smooth and clear carbon look.


For smaller components we use light RTM production method. This method has been securing us the high interpretation rate in our products. This method ensures a high rate of production.




  • We use 2 different constructions in Zegul production - A-CORE and 3D C-CORE.
  • We use only one of the best hatch covers on the market (1 pilt)
  • We use only one of the best retractable skegs on the market (1 pilt)
  • Several skeg control systems available! (1 pilt)
  • With rocker and a more symmetrical hull-shape this is a playful kayak. Hard chine, flat V-shape bottom with fine endings to bow and stern, it’s made to maneuver. Low profile and easy to roll. Stainless steel rods for a towing system or to lock on a roof rack, and lots of cords on the deck for all of your gear. You have a choice if this kayak is equipped with the original skeg system or / and rudder system.



  • Length: 520 cm (17,1’)
  • Width: 53 cm (21″)
  • Capacity approx.: 130 kg (287 lbs)
  • Cockpit: 83 x 45 cm (32¾” x 17¾”)
  • Weight
  • A-CORE: 22–24 kg (49–53 lbs)
  • 3D C-CORE: 19–21 kg (42–46 lbs



  • Front, Round Hatch: 24 cm (10″)
  • Rear: Oval hatch 44 x 26 cm (17″ x 10¼”)
  • Day-hatch: Round hatch 15 cm (6″)
  • Minibox: Round hatch 15 cm (6″)
  • Retractable skeg / Retractable skeg + rudder
Zegul 520 LV
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