SPT Lockable Tie Down Straps





Technical Specifications:


The SPT Lockable Tie Down has been designed to secure kayaks, canoes or anything requiring that little bit of extra strap length. Designed to fit any roof rack system it has been constructed using the following:





33mm U.V stabilized webbing


2 x hardened stainless steel cables


Soft Santoprene protective casing


Polished die cast buckle


Weather resistant lock with dust shutter


1.5m, 2.5m and 4.0m strap




Other Uses - Surboard & longboard stacks, Windsurfers, Moto-X & trail bikes, bikes, luggage





Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns are available in 2.5M, 3.3M, 4.0M and 5.4M lengths. Below is a approximate guide to work out what size will fit your application.


Surfboard - 1 x Board 2.5M, 2 x boards 2.5M

Sailboard - 1 x Board 2.5M, 2 x boards 3.3M


Paddleboards - 1 x SUP 3.3M, 2 x SUP 4.0M



Kayak - Wide sit on top 4.0M, Touring / Sea Kayak 3.3m


Canoe - 5.4M / 4.0M

SPT Lockable Tie Down Straps
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