Prijon Marlin PriLite Sea Kayak


The elegant, elongated lines of the Marlin makes it an ideal touring kayak. Despite it's lightness, the Marlin is still a relatively robust craft. Having small angled sides, it provides the paddler with very good control when edging the boat and therefore any changes in direction are well supported, making the craft feel very stable during manoeuvers. 


Touring paddlers who also enjoy surfing and want to always maintain control, will be thrilled with this craft. With very good tracking and great responsiveness when edging, it is a kayak made for those with control as a priority.  As a bonus, there's a very comfortable seat included which is perfect for long-distance cruising!


What is PriLite Construction?


Prijon offers three different types of materials for sea kayaks and touring kayaks. Each type of material offers different qualities.


The first is HTP (High-Performance Thermoplasts or Temperature Plastics / Polymers).

HTP is the sturdiest material used in the production of kayaks world-wide. Whatever you are planning the boat is up to it.


The second is Laminate.

Laminate kayaks, made of carbon-aramide are very light and elegant. If low weight is important to you, they are the right choice. Laminate boats are, however more susceptible to ground impact and should therefore be primarily used in free-flowing waters.


The third is PriLite.

PriLite kayaks are in between HTP and Laminate with regards to weight and sturdiness. They are lighter than HTP but sturdier than laminate kayaks.



Colours available for the Prijon Marlin PriLite:



  • Material: PRILITE
  • Length: 530 cm
  • Width: 58 cm
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Volume: 375L
  • Capacity: 140 kg
  • Cockpit: 88cm
Prijon Marlin PriLite Sea Kayak
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