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Hi, you've found our Sit on Top Kayaks page!  Here we've listed all the kayaks we stock that are classed as sitting on top!  They include fishing kayaks, recreational kayaks, double kayaks, single kayaks, fitness kayaks, recreational skis, racing kayaks and racing skis!  Just about every kayak that you sit on!  If you are chasing something more specific, please use the categories to the right to direct you to the correct page.  Enjoy your visit!

Exo Swing Kayak
From $949.00 2
Howe Surf Ski Sea Glider
  The Sea Glider is a shortened and widened version of the Surf Life Saver style of surf ski. Nimble - stable - versatile, as happy on flat water as it is in the the surf.   An ideal weight / size combination with custom leg ... (Read More)
$1,550.00 2
Hurricane Phoenix 130
  Hurricane felt like there was something missing in their kayak range so they came up with the 130, a light, easy-to-handle, mid-sized kayak that gives you even more versatility. (And when they say “easy-to-handle” they mean off the ... (Read More)
From $1,655.00 2
Jackson Kayak Big Tuna
1  - Tuna Tank The Tuna Tank is a great multiple purpose accessory. It comes with no pre-drilled holes. If used this way, it is an easily accesibl ... (Read More)
From $2,995.00 2
Jackson Kayak Coosa
  This kayak is a purpose built freshwater fishing kayak.  To really appreciate the features of this kayak check out the video clip at the bottom of this page.      FEATURES Removable Elite Hi/Lo Seat ... (Read More)
$1,698.00 2
Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 X
 Product Features: 1  - Hull Design The Cuda 12 was designed to be the kayak that fits between the maneuverability of the Coosa and the speed of the Cuda 14 ... (Read More)
$2,395.00 2
Jackson Kayak Day Tripper Elite
  The Basics: Jackson Kayaks designs have made our whitewater kayaks #1. There is exceptional history behind the craftmanship of our leading kayak architects: Dave Knight and Tony Lee. The DayTripper’s construction takes advantage of ... (Read More)
From $1,000.00 2
Native Watercraft Mariner 10 Propel Drive
Pedal-powered mighty mite!   At just ten feet, the Mariner 10 Propel loves tight spots and demanding maneuvers. Whatever you get into you can back out of; the Propel Pedal Drive is easy to pedal going forwards and backwards. Stow ... (Read More)
From $2,685.00 2
Native Watercraft Mariner 12.5 Propel Drive
  The Mariner 12.5 Propel sit-on top kayak combines the concept of a kayak with a pedal system more common on bikes. This kayak has the capability of moving forwards or backwards with the simple motion of your feet. If you're wa ... (Read More)
From $2,795.00 2
Ocean Kayak Nalu 11 Plastic SUP
A sit-on-top you can stand up and paddle! At 11 feet, the Nalu 11 is at home in the ocean or on rivers -it's highly maneuverable and much tougher than a composite board. For affordable stand up paddling the Nalu 11 is a great choice. Stand u ... (Read More)
$990.00 From $650.00 2
Ocean Kayak Prowler Elite 4.1
  The Prowler 4.1 is built on the proven performance of the classic Prowler 13 with all the features a keen fisherman wants. It has excellent hull speed and great stability coupled with superb manoeuvrability for optimising angling op ... (Read More)
$1,799.00 From $1,299.00 2
Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3
  The Prowler Ultra 4.3 is more than just a shorter version of the highly successful and innovative Prowler Ultra 4.7. Many of the core features of the 4.7 are standard with this kayak but it will also include a number of new innovati ... (Read More)
From $1,495.00 2
Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.7
  The Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra is faster than the Prowler Elite with even more stability and greater carrying capacity.      FEATURES Waterproof central hatch with flip lid giving a dry surf ride for ... (Read More)
From $2,499.00 2
Ocean Kayak Tetra 12
  If you're considering the Tetra series, the 12-foot length is perfect for the small to medium build angler who wants a bit more cockpit room and hull efficiency. The Tetra 12 Angler features a small Modular Fishing Pod (Mod Pod II) ... (Read More)
From $0.00 2
Ocean Kayak Torque
  The Torque is unlike any kayak you have seen on the market. Based on our popular Trident 13 model, the Torque features a Minn Kota trolling motor. Infinitely variable speed control allows you to hit the perfect pace for trolling. An ... (Read More)
From $3,290.00 2
Ocean Kayak Venus 11
  Designed by women (and one cool guy in touch with his feminine side!).   Super lightweight for easy car-topping, the Venus 11 is built for fun with a slightly wider seat positioned to help the boat respond to a woman’s center of gra ... (Read More)
From $999.00 2
Perception Pescador 10 Angler
When you are ready to try to land the next big one, the Pescador 10.0 angler is the perfect choice. This feature-rich sit-on-top kayak is easy to transport and manage, but still offers plenty of stability for larger paddlers. The Scotty bait ... (Read More)
$899.00 From $699.00 2
Perception Triumph 13
  The Triumph 13.0 is a breath of fresh air to the sit-on-top world, proving that performance is not something only offered in a sit-inside kayak. This hull has evolved from the touring line, making it speedier and easier to paddle th ... (Read More)
From $999.00 2
Spirit CTR Ski
  A geat ski for use as a cross trainer or for recreational fitness!  Some popular uses for the CTR ski include: family fun, racing, fitness, fishing, snorkelling, white water, surfing and camping!  We've had excellent feedback regard ... (Read More)
$1,095.00 From $999.00 2
Spirit Paddle Sports Venus Fish
  Long, sleek and stable purpose built premium fishing vessel with extra load capacity and stowage compartments.  Great for family fun, fitness, fishing and camping.     FEATURES Grab rail ... (Read More)
From $699.00 2
Stealth Kayaks Superlite
  The new Supalite 2010 is the advancement of many features and is the future of kayak fishing, a constantly evolving design and many updates from previous models its that closer to perfection.     SPECIFICATIONS ... (Read More)
$2,150.00 From $1,550.00 2
Stealth Kayaks Superlite X
  The Supalite X 2010 is the advancement of the Supalite range striving for the ultimate fishing craft for the heavier angler, and is more stable then its predecessor. It's also the perfect upgrade for those who are proficient in the ... (Read More)
From $1,650.00 2
Viking Kayak Profish 45
  FEATURES 1 x 6” Hatch & Hatch Bucket 4 x Rod holders Sounder Compartment & Clear Lid 2 x Burley Bin & Covers Centre Well, Cover and Cutting Board Foot Rests Front & Rear ... (Read More)
$1,495.00 From $1,095.00 2
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160
  The ultimate destination kayak boasts the most performance of the line - more capacity, speed, and a drier ride. Don't compromise comfort for performance.       FEATURES: Large Oval Orbix Bow Hatch ... (Read More)
From $1,749.00 2
Wilderness Systems Aspire 100
  Great on flat or slow moving water, the versatile Aspire combines easy handling and maneuverability with great stability, thanks to its strong chine lines and volume. The up-swept bow helps shed water and the molded-in console, with ... (Read More)
$1,299.00 From $0.00 2
Wilderness Systems Aspire 105
  Great on flat or slow moving water, the versatile Aspire combines easy handling and maneuverability with great stability, thanks to its strong chine lines and volume. The up-swept bow helps shed water and the molded-in console, with ... (Read More)
From $999.00 2
Wilderness Systems Ride 115
  It's big-time stability and versatility in a small-time kayak. This new addition to the redesigned Ride series has everything paddlers, anglers and hobbyists ask for in a SOT. Massive capacity, straightforward storage, versatile per ... (Read More)
$1,599.00 From $1,190.00 2
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140
  Engineered to maintain stability and glide while also extending gear storage capacity. Ruddered version allows more versatile use in windy or rougher conditions.     FEATURES Phase 3 SOT Seating Syst ... (Read More)
From $1,799.00 2

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Dylan on a Jester Surf Ski

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