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Welcome to our Sea Kayak Catalogue.  We trust you will enjoy browsing the many different styles of sea kayaks we have listed in our catalogue. Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

National Sea Kayak Symposium 2011 - Gold Coast

Footage from our Tahe Marine Demo Day.

Silvio in his very cool all black Zegul 520!

Delta 15S
Masterful at the Midsize Range   The Delta 15s combines sleek lines with a smaller fitting cockpit to create an exceptional kayak suited for medium to smaller framed paddlers. Weighing just 44 lbs. it offers quick, responsive h ... (Read More)
$0.00 2
Delta 16
THE SWEETEST 16   Excelling in rough seas, surf and wind, the elegant Delta 16 offers a balanced combination of manoeuvrability with excellent tracking to stay the course in challenging conditions. It easily keeps a quick respo ... (Read More)
$0.00 2
Delta 17
PERFORMANCE TOURING & STYLE   The Delta 17 is an excellent choice for paddlers looking to cruise on lakes, paddle extended trips or have fun in ocean swells. The Delta 17 is a veritable champion in the surf and delivers its abi ... (Read More)
$0.00 2
Delta 17.5T
BUILT FOR TWO TO EXPLORE   The all-new Delta Traverse 17.5T is a highly versatile and lightweight tandem ideally suited to paddlers of every skill level. It is exceptionally well rounded in its capabilities and will handle a wi ... (Read More)
From $3,699.00 2
Howe Surf Ski Vinari
  At 4m long, and weighing in at just 19kg, the Vinari is an extremely user friendly craft.  Not just easy to handle but streamlined through the water for the recreational paddler wanting to cover distance with ease.  The large rear h ... (Read More)
From $2,140.00 2
Mission Eco Bezhig
  A highly featured sea kayak for expeditions & touring in open water.   The Eco Behzig suits a larger paddler and has huge storage capacity.   When venturing out into isolated and un-populated areas you want to have confide ... (Read More)
From $1,500.00 2
Perception Carolina 12
  The most versatile touring kayak ever created is in a category of its own. This day or weekend tripper is a performance machine, with great acceleration and speed. The soft chined and V-shaped hull offers stable, smooth paddling. Th ... (Read More)
From $1,199.00 2
Prijon Marlin PriLite Sea Kayak
  The elegant, elongated lines of the Marlin makes it an ideal touring kayak. Despite it's lightness, the Marlin is still a relatively robust craft. Having small angled sides, it provides the paddler with very good control when edging ... (Read More)
$2,790.00 2
Prijon Proteus Sea Kayak
  Currently the PROTEUS is probably the fastest PRIJON Kayak. It is designed for long, fast tours in open waters and along the coast.  Especially prominent keel areas at the front and back provide for anoptimal water line. The safe po ... (Read More)
From $0.00 2
Tahe Marine Greenland Sea Kayak
Tahe Marine Greenland Sea Kayak (Not a Greenland T) Black & White.   RRP $3390, now $1695.  SAVE $1695!! You have to try out this kayak if you are into Greenland style of paddling. Maybe one of the most well recognized kayaks o ... (Read More)
$3,390.00 From $1,695.00 2
Tahe Marine Lifestyle 420 PE
  BEST KAYAK FOR BEGINNERS – LIFESTYLE 420 Lifestyle 420 PE was the third PE kayak in the Tahe Marine range and the news for 2011 season. It has proven itself successfully and become a demanded kayak on the market. This kayak is su ... (Read More)
$1,595.00 2
Tahe Marine Lifestyle 500 Sea Kayak
  The Lifestyle 500 PE was the second PE kayak in the Tahe Marine range for the 2010 season. It is the biggest volume PE kayak in the series. The deck is equipped with 3 hatches – one oval, one round and one day-hatch in order to easi ... (Read More)
$1,790.00 $1,290.00 2
Tahe Marine Reval Midi
The Reval Midi british style sea kayak is an ideal choice for adrenaline seekers. This kayak has a wonderful stability and navigability even in breaking waves and strong winds. It is developed for paddling on open waters of lakes, bays, and ... (Read More)
$2,899.00 From $1,899.00 2
Tahe Marine Reval Midi PE
  The Reval Midi PE model was introduced for the 2012 season, due to the huge success of the composite version. The Reval Midi is an ideal choice for adrenaline seekers, as this kayak has a wonderful stability and navigability even in ... (Read More)
From $1,790.00 2
Tahe Marine Reval Midi Sea Kayak
  The Reval Midi is an ideal choice for adrenaline seekers, as this kayak has a wonderful stability and navigability even in breaking waves and strong winds. The hull is designed with rocker and upswept bow and stern to handle any cha ... (Read More)
From $2,899.00 2
Tahe Marine Wind Solo
  Wind Solo is one of the bestselling and popular models in Tahe Marine range. It is a fast and efficient kayak that is a joy to paddle.    Wind Solo features a shallow V-shaped hull which ensures fast acceleration, speed, a ... (Read More)
From $2,200.00 2
Tahe Marine Zegul 520 LV
Vacuum infusing, which we use in Zegul production, is one of the most advanced construction methods used in the composite industry.This production method ensures the best strength/weight ratio possible. Here we are combining the high-perform ... (Read More)
$3,690.00 From $2,790.00 2
Tiderace Pace 18
The Pace 18: Perfect for fitness training, fast lightweight touring and sea kayak racing.   Designed for efficient cruising at over 5knots, Pace is a stable and seaworthy kayak designed for adventurers with an “alpinist” approa ... (Read More)
From $4,490.00 2
Tiderace Pace Tour
   The Pace 17 Tour is a fresh look at how a high performance expedition kayak should perform!   The Tiderace Pace 17 Tour retains the signature Tiderace cockpit and four hatch layout and beyond this everything has been rede ... (Read More)
From $4,990.00 2
Tiderace Xcape
  The Xcape is renowned for it's stability,  its predictable control in the wind, its ease of tracking and its slippery and efficient hull shape.  Designed to take the hardwork out of expeditioning, the Xcape will glide through challe ... (Read More)
$3,790.00 From $2,790.00 2
Tiderace Xcite
  The world's finest rough water, touring sea kayak.   The Tiderace Xcite is a touring sea kayak with high manoeuvrability, stability, comfort and seaworthiness. The boat’s composure in rough water is legendary – it gives pa ... (Read More)
From $4,000.00 2
Tiderace Xplore
  A high performance expedition sea kayak for the adventurous paddler.   The Xplore is a record breaking expedition kayak. Its generous load carrying capacity and high cruising speed have made it a favourite with adventurers ... (Read More)
$4,290.00 From $3,000.00 2
Tiderace Xtreme
The next generation of playing on the sea!   The Xtreme is designed to open new doors for ambitious paddlers who want to redefine what is possible in a sea kayak in rough water. This design has a performance potential beyond the pr ... (Read More)
From $2,200.00 2
Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T
  This best-selling tandem offers performance for pairs, and converts with surprising ease to solo use for a great day on the water. The 2011 model features redesigned outfitting and upgraded seating for easie ... (Read More)
$1,499.00 2
Wilderness Systems Tempest 170
  Sea kayakers love the fit of the seating and relish the fusion of performance capabilities in this award-winning kayak. "The Tempest 170 is my favourite kayak for doing sea kayak instru ... (Read More)
From $2,299.00 2
Wilderness Systems Tsunami 160
  This ultra-comfortable kayak offers more speed and stability than a typical sea kayak.      FEATURES  Phase 3 AirPro XP Seating System Made in the USA Adjustable Padded Thigh Braces ... (Read More)
From $2,199.00 2
Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165
   Ultra-comfortable kayak with a great balance of stability & speed.  More than capable for a weekend trip, added depth is suitable for mid-to-large sized paddlers while maintaining speed and efficiency necessary for longer distances ... (Read More)
$0.00 2
Zegul Baidarka Sea Kayak
    In the 1700’s, Russian sailors sailing the Aleutian Islands gave this uniquely-shaped kayak the name "Baidarka” meaning small boat. The lower portion of its upswept bow is extremely narrow, allowing for clean entry lines, w ... (Read More)
$3,790.00 From $2,500.00 2

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Dylan on a Jester Surf Ski
Dylan on a Jester Surf Ski

The kids are certainly growing up and getting better at paddling! It's almost impossible now for me to keep up to Dylan on the Jester while paddling a sit on top kayak, something he's quite happy about! ;)

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