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Choosing a kayak was once a very simple and straight forward process based on the number of styles and manufacturers that were available.  Most of the early crafts were manufactured by very reputable companies ensuring a high quality product which unfortunately came with a higher price tag too.


Now the market has opened greatly and we find ourselves floating in a vast sea of kayaks from all over the world with many no name brands and poorly crafted products flooding the market.  


It has in fact become more challenging to find the "right" product now as there are so many to choose from!  Pricing has greatly been affected, they have become alot cheaper, but so has quality unfortunately, they have become alot poorer!


We recommend taking your time in choosing a kayak, especially the more expensive crafts, the last thing you want to do is buy something that will just sit in your garage because it doesn't work for you - it's too heavy, too big, too small, too slow or too tippy!  Even choosing the wrong "cheap" kayak can be a waste of time and money even if it was just a few hundred dollars!  That's money that could be spent elsewhere!


The right craft will ensure you will enjoy every moment on the water and your physical and mental health will thank you for it!


Take the time to talk to a specialist, it really is about getting the right information.  We'd LOVE to see more people enjoying the waterways our beautiful country is blessed to have and improving their health and fitness at the same time!


We trust you will enjoy your searching on our website and should you have any further questions about a particular product, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Wishing you many happy paddle days!

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Favourite Vid / Photo of the Month

Dylan on a Jester Surf Ski
Dylan on a Jester Surf Ski

The kids are certainly growing up and getting better at paddling! It's almost impossible now for me to keep up to Dylan on the Jester while paddling a sit on top kayak, something he's quite happy about! ;)

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