Jackson Kayak Day Tripper Elite


The Basics: Jackson Kayaks designs have made our whitewater kayaks #1. There is exceptional history behind the craftmanship of our leading kayak architects: Dave Knight and Tony Lee. The DayTripper’s construction takes advantage of what these two have learned over the many years of designing the world’s best kayaks, making this boat durable beyond expectations. From a materials standpoint, we use the same plastic resin in our recreational kayaks as we do for our most hard core whitewater kayaks. Although this may be considered over-kill, we are proud to offer these materials and is evident in the fact that we offer lifetime warranties on all our recreational and touring kayaks.


Dryer, more stable, stronger, fun and supremely comfortable for those fun days at the lake and even on moving water! Our deck is designed for dry storage with drybags included and an optional ‘mini-skirt’ that allows you to keep even dryer on those wavy days. With a lower center of gravity than most canoes, and additional stability gained using a two-bladed kayak paddle, the Daytripper is far more stable than most water craft. With the addition of the fishing tray that play’s host to fishing tackle, drinks and fishing rod holders, the Daytripper was designed for fun. Topping it all off are the comfortable and dry DayTripper removable seats. These tough, comfy, folding chairs keep you’re center of gravity low in the kayak and butt off any water that gets in. No more uncomfortable kneeling! The adjustable foot rests allow for custom comfort for every length of leg.


The DayTripper’s Advantage: What you can expect from your Daytripper:

  • Kids and Beginners will immediately find stability in the Daytripper far more reassuring than a canoe or most other types of kayaks. As a first boat, the mini-tripper is an excellent starting point for kids of all ages. Since the kids are sitting IN the kayak the stability is increased enstilling confidence as your child takes his or her first strokes. Since ‘getting there’ is key to this kind of kayak, we ensure that the DayTripper moves faster than most! The DayTripper tracks like no other of its class and one paddler far out paces even two people in a canoe. For those who want to simply cruise, fish or float, the comfort of the seating and convenience of the DayTray will add to your day at the cottage. The durability of our plastic will also forgive the new boater for their treatment as they are dragged over rock and sand, and tossed up onto cars.
  • Intermediates will appreciate the DayTripper for being that craft allowing them to do more with paddlesports. As a transitioning watercraft, the DayTripper will allow paddlers to improve on their kayak paddle strokes and begin exploration, treks and kayak fishing at levels they wouldn’t otherwise. With the Daytripper’s unparalleled strength and holding capacity for a kayak, many use it as a pick up or suv truck. Transporting passengers, gear, wood for fires, coolers and much more is a breeze for this boat adding a new dimension of use never seen before in a kayak.
  • Expert paddlers use canoes for treks and expeditions. The DayTripper is no different. With the hull designed to hold up to 500lbs of gear, people and dogs, this craft is ready to take on any trip you have planned. With our distinct history in whitewater we’ve ensured that advanced paddlers are able to head to moving waters with increased stability over canoes and optional items like the MiniSkirt keeping you safe and dry. Running class 1 to light class 3 whitewater in the Daytripper is always a pleasure.





Mini Tripper 9

  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Length: 9’3″
  • Width: 23″
  • Carrying Capacity: 120 lbs


Day Tripper Elite 10

  • Weight: 51 lbs
  • Length: 10′
  • Width: 30.5″
  • Carrying Capacity: 300lbs


Day Tripper Elite 12

  • Weight: 64 lbs
  • Length: 12″
  • Width: 30.5″
  • Carrying Capacity: 375lbs



Jackson Kayak Day Tripper Elite
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