Flat Earth Code Zero Kayak Sail

The Code Zero Range sails are available in the following models - Code Zero 100, Code Zero 80, Code Zero 70.


Code Zero sails are made out of a new Trilaminate sail cloth, giving amazing shape holding properties. Code Zero sails are available in White with a spectra ripstop pattern and colored trim. The CZ100 and CZ80 share the same mast, while the CZ70 has a shorter mast.




A full one square meter sail with reefing to reduce it down to ⅔ the size for strong winds. The CZ100 has a fuller twist foot cut, with less sail twist in the cut.

Recommended retail: $440




The all-rounder sea kayak sail, and our most popular, at 0.8 sqm. The new CZ80 has a good drive, with a fuller cut than the old model.

Recommended retail: $390




The small sail of the range, at .7 sqm, perfect for coastal exploration trips and expeditions. With a newly designed shape, the CZ70 has plenty of drive, and is ideally suited to smaller paddlers and low volume sea kayaks . The CZ70 has a fuller cut in the head, and with its shorter mast means all your drive is concentrated lower than the CZ80 and CZ100. The CZ70 has found a following among paddlers who want a compact sail that doesn’t get in the way when stowed on the deck, and can be held onto in stronger winds .

Recommended retail: $380

Flat Earth Code Zero Kayak Sails
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