Epic Small Mid Wing Paddle

The Epic Small Mid Wing paddle is based on our award winning Mid Wing paddle, with a 2% reduced blade surface area.

This slightly trimmed-down design has broadened the appeal of the wing paddle, making it ideal for smaller paddlers, cruisers and racers paddling long distances, and those who simply seek a smaller option to maximize their efficiency.


Available in 2 constructions


Club Carbon Hybrid construction - 25 oz (702 grams); comes standard with Epic’s Length-Lock 2™ adjustable ferrule technology.


Full Carbon construction - 23 oz (652 grams); comes standard with Epic’s Length-Lock 2™ adjustable ferrule technology.


Please note: Stiff Flex Blue Shaft and Fixed Length Green shaft paddles are special orders only. Please allow up to six weeks for delivery.




Blade Width: 15.9 cm

Blade Length: 49.9 cm

Surface Area:735 cm2

Weight: Club Hybrid Carbon 702g, Full Carbon 652g


Choosing Your Epic Paddle - The Fine Print


The fundamental difference in the paddles is the shaft construction first, blade size next and length of paddle:


Burgundy Shaft = most popular paddle, suited to flat water recreational paddling, open ocean distance paddling. FLEX = Medium (easy on the elbows and shoulders over distance).


Green Shaft = strongest shaft but with more flex than the burgundy, designed for impact-style paddling for Surf Club racing i.e in and out around the cans and in breaking waves coming in and out of the shore break.


Blue Shaft = stiffest shaft, suited ONLY for flat water sprint racing i.e K-1 and K-2 ICF racing. NOT suitable for distance paddling as it is too stiff and leads to joint and shoulder strain and/or injury.


So, unless you are surf club racer, we suggest a Burgundy shaft.


Blade size = Small mid for paddlers under 5'10" and most women paddlers, Mid wing for anyone 5' 11" and above.


Shaft Length = 205-215 under 5'10" 210-220 for paddlers over 5' 11" As a guide most male paddlers 6' and over have their paddles set to around 211 or 212 in length.

Epic Small Mid Wing Paddle
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