C4 Waterman Switchblade PLUS 12'6 SUP

Designed For:

Intermediate to Advanced. Rider weight up to 245 lbs.


Shaper Notes:

There’s a whole lotta 12-plus racing/tourning stand-up paddleboards out there now, but most are either wobbly, elite-only race machines or boaty, sluggish cruisers. What if you want to race and cruise? The new C4 Waterman Switchblade, now 30 inches wide, is the answer. Now you can have the slick glide of a thouroughbred speed-hull whether you want to win a race or lose the crowd.




  • Length: 12’6
  • Width: 30.00
  • Thickness: 5.56
  • Weight: 28.00 lbs
  • Volume: 284L
  • Fins: Single 10” center box



C4 Switchblade PLUS 12'6 SUP
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