C4 iSUP XXL 10'6 SUP

Designed For:

Beginner to advanced. Up to 240 lbs.



Shaper Notes:

Heavy whitewater or heavy person, this XXL will float your boat. With a full nose, generous wide point and plus-sized tail, this board is not scared of the juiciest part of the rapids. Perfect for that advanced paddler looking to up their game or the bigger rider who wants a board suitable to themselves. Included: Bungee attachment points, deck pad, pump, repair kit, travel bag and board strap.





  • Length: 10’9
  • Width: 34.0
  • Thickness: 4.0
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Volume: 183L
  • Fins: Thruster Fin Set Up/Permanent Vinyl





C4 iSUP XXL 10'6 SUP
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All C4 iWATERMAN products are fabricated from heavy-duty, military-grade, double-wall PVC material. Inside each product, thousands of high-tech fiber ‘cilia’ anchor the deck to bottom, allowing for superior rigidity and locking in C4’s proprietary rockers–features that grant never before seen durability and the closest thing to hard board performance of any inflatable surfcraft. And unlike the other brands that use only glue on their seams, the iWATERMAN products are finely stitched with 30% additional thicker, high-tensile fiber thread, making them much tougher, stiffer, and able to withstand a higher PSI (pounds per square inch) of inflation, ranging from 14 -18 PSI. The result: A rough-and-ready surf/paddle/rescue tool that is pliant enough to bounce off rocks, yet still deliver hard product performance and reliability.



C4 Waterman Cuttlefish
C4 Waterman Cuttlefish

The CUTTLEFISH™ is a new patent pending design by C4 Waterman. The unique fin system is exclusive to select models of our Rigid AirCore iSUPs. This technology offers paddlers a change from the flexible permanent fins with the benefit of selecting from a wide variety of fin designs from leading fin manufacturer FCS. Whether surfing waves, paddling rivers or simply choosing to travel a little easier, you can achieve it riding with us.

The following boards are equipped with CUTTLEFISH™ fin boxes: SUB Vector 9’3, BK Pro 9’11, BK Pro 10’11, Rapid Rider, iTrekker, iSUP iZAP 7’11, iSUP iZAP 8’11, iBlowfish Shortboard, iZAP Shortboard and the iPufferstick longboards.

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