If you love your kayaking/paddling but don't have the option or room to buy your own craft or board then why not consider hiring?  Our competitive rates will let you enjoy the sport for just a fraction of the cost.  All kayak hire prices include a paddle and PFD (lifejacket). 


If you are intending on transporting the kayak yourself you will be required to have suitable roof racks.  Please check with us if you have any doubts.  Our hire policy requires participants to wear PFD's at all times while on the water.  Depending on where you will be paddling there may be restricted zones and areas, so please advise the staff at the time of your booking where you are planning on paddling.


For hire prices, please see the table below.


Item Half Day Full Day Weekend Week Month
Single Sit on Top - Small $35 $50 $80 $160 $320
Single Sit on Top - Large $45 $60 $100 $200 $400
Double Sit on Top $45 $60 $100 $200 $400
Stand Up Paddle Board $50 $75 $120 $240 $480
Single Sea Kayak - Plastic $50 $70 $120 $240 $480
Single Sea Kayak - Fibreglass $65 $95 $150 $300 $600
Double Sea Kayak - Plastic $65 $95 $150 $300 $600
Double Sea Kayak - Fibreglass $75 $110 $180 $350 $700
Epic Racing Ski $85 $125 $200 $400 $800
Epic Wing Paddle $40 $50 $80 $150 $280
Soft Roof Racks $10 $15 $20 $35 $50
Roof Top Boxes - $50 $80 $160 $300
Snorkelling Equipment $5 $8 $12 $20 $30
Bike Carrier (4 Bikes) - $40 $60 $100 $180


Half Day - up to 4 hrs

Full Day - 4hrs to 24 hrs

Weekend - from 5pm Friday to 10am Mon

Week - from and to the same day (eg. Saturday 9am to Saturday 9am)

Month - 30 days from the date of hire


A bond of $200 per kayak is required to cover for any damage or loss.  This can be provided as a cash bond or credit card imprint.  All bonds will be refunded to the customer once the kayak/s are returned in a satifactory condition.

Applicaton Form

Once you have selected your hire item and have made a reservation, you will be required to complete a short application form during collection of your item.  Please bring photo ID (Driver's Licence is sufficient) as we require this for insurance purposes.

Booking Form

To book any of the above items, please feel free to complete the form below.  Please ensure your contact details are correct, we will confirm your booking with 48 hours.  If you require your item urgently, please contact the store on 07 5571 2929, Monday to Friday between 10am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 3pm.

Please enter the code:

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Option to Buy

If you are interested in buying any of the items listed above, you have the option to hire them first.  If at the end of the hire period (max. weekend) you would like to buy one, we will subtract the full hire fee from the purchase price of a new product.  If you are interested in purchasing the demo model that you have hired please talk to our staff to see if it is for sale.

Favourite Vid / Photo of the Month

Dylan on a Jester Surf Ski
Dylan on a Jester Surf Ski

The kids are certainly growing up and getting better at paddling! It's almost impossible now for me to keep up to Dylan on the Jester while paddling a sit on top kayak, something he's quite happy about! ;)

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