Propel / Pedal Drive Fishing Kayaks

If you are considering a propel drive fishing kayak, then look no further!  The Native Watercraft series of propel drive / pedal drive sit on kayaks are perfect for our conditions!  With their unique pedal drive functionality, it's no wonder they are taking the Australian market by storm!

Native Watercraft
Native Watercraft

Unlike it's prime competitor, Hobie Kayaks with their Mirage Drive, the Native Watercraft Pedal Drive series has the ability to move both forwards and backwards allowing complete handsfree fishing!  This feature has made the Native Watercraft series enter a class of it's own in the propel drive realm.  Along with their claim to offering the most comfortable kayak ride with their First Class Seating, Native Watercraft have also claimed fame for offering the most comfortable kayaks with their many other exclusive Native Features.



Visit our Native Watercraft page to see which kayaks we currently have available.  Native Watercraft

Here is one of their exclusive Native Features:


The High/Low First Class Seat

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    Auger david (Friday, 31 July 2020 02:02)

    I'm looking for a crankset for my native kayak watercraft ultimate propel solo 14.5 year 2013.
    Can you help me please

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