Wilderness Systems Kayak Fishing - Event Details

Well here it is at last!  The break down of the Wilderness Systems Kayak Fishing - Straddie Challenge.  If you have any questions regarding it, don't hesitate to contact Craig on 07 5571 2929 or email him on info@adventureoutlet.com.au

(If you are chasing the original blog with the information about the event, here is the link..



The Put-In:  Corner of James Cook Esplanade & Abel Tasman Pl, Paradise Point


I'll be doing 2 trips from here to assist with getting gear to South Straddie, one at 7am the second at 8:30am.

The launch spot is directly in front of a waterfront residential area. A number of our sea kayaking customers regularly park vehicles in this area while overnighting on South Straddie and there has never been an issue with the vehicles. With a number of mansions (with big glass windows overlooking the parking area) it is an area that I think to be pretty safe.


Prizes:  Yes we will have prizes for all the following:


• Overall Competition Champion (your top 5 fish will all be allocated a points score of 0-20, offering a total potential score of 100)

• Overall Runner Up

• Largest Bream

• Largest Flathead

• Largest Trevally

• Largest Whiting

• Largest Mangrove Jack

• “Most Species” – must be of legal length.  All competitors with 5 different species win a prize.

• Smallest “fish of the day”

• “Donut Draw” – all competitors that don’t catch fish go into a prize draw

• Lucky Door Prize


The Lucky Door prize and the Donut Draw are significant prizes, so even if you’re not really into competitions come along, have a fish and you’ve a chance of taking home 2 great prizes!


The competition is open to anyone with a kayak.  I don't think sail or motor will give any advantage in the area we are fishing.  Participants need their own sleeping gear, cooking gear and food.  We will buy fire wood from the ranger so that we can have a couple of fires going.  All competitors are welcome to keep a couple of fish and cook them up on Saturday night.  (Bring some alfoil and cook the fish straight on the coals!)


Liam Fitzpatrick, fishing author & Ecogear Pro Staffer, will be talking Saturday evening on Light Lure Spinning techniques from a kayak ,Liam has a very innovated approach to his fishing and should be able to enlighten a few of us with plenty of goodies to give away!


How's the location for fishing?.........Talked to a guy at the boat ramp on Saturday that had been fishing around Crab Island and caught a couple of Tailor and a couple of large Jew, one at 85cm!


We are making a trophy for the overall winner, wait ‘til you see it!  A brag mat & camera will be required.  Fish are to be photographed and released.   At the ‘weigh in’ you’ll need to bring us your camera, or memory card, and show us the pictures of your best five (5) fish.  Please bring the cables to connect your camera to a PC.  If you need a brag mat for the event…….call in to Doug Burt’s Tackle World, Nind St Southport.  He has a 75cm Tackle World Brag Mat that he has offered for $10 (usually $29.95) for participants supporting this event.


Check the PDF file……….”Fish Score Chart”.  This shows how fish will be scored.  


PFD’s are required.


Bring some warm clothes it may be cold on Saturday night.  The camping area has toilets, bins & hot showers.  There is tank water on site that is OK for washing but not suitable for drinking.


There is also a printable version of this information below.


Wilderness Systems Kayak Fishing - Event Details
South Straddie Kayak Fishing Event Detai
Adobe Acrobat Document 299.3 KB
Wilderness Systems Kayak Fishing - Fish Score Chart
South Straddie Kayak Fishing Fish Score
Adobe Acrobat Document 306.7 KB

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