Mantra Kayaks Noa Review

Mantra Kayaks Noa, the latest small fishing kayak to hit Australia, is quickly becoming one of Australia's favourite fishing kayaks!  Read below to find out why and see if you don't fall for the Mantra Kayaks Noa!

Mantra Noa - Leader in Small Fishing Kayaks

Small kayaks seem to becoming a craze on the water of late, so I thought I’d give you a look at one of these great small fishing kayaks.

The Mantra Noa is a fully rigged fishing kayak that provides outstanding value for money and wonderful practicality. The top of the range Deluxe Package includes four flush rod holders with caps, a forward mounted adjustable rod holder, two large 10” hatches with gear bags, four carry handles, six scupper plugs, a Deluxe Mantra seat, a fibreglass reinforced paddle and a large rear well with deck bungy. It also has the enviable load carrying capacity of 150kg and weighs in at a mere 20kg. The list of inclusions is impressive and represents outstanding value for money, now to paddle it and see if the performance can match the specifications.


The seat provides absolute comfort because of its quite thick base and supportive high backrest. It locks in position well to provide a pain free day fishing. The moulded in footrests are well positioned and comfortable on your feet.

The stability is outstanding for such a small kayak - probably the most stable 9ft kayak I’ve paddled.

Accessing the centre 10” hinged hatch is easy and allows you to stow a large amount of gear in the bag insert. The fact that the hatch hinges to the side makes it easier to access while seated.

The rod holders are all well located. The rear ones could have been angled out a little so that you can see your rod tip easily but the three forward mounted rod holders are easy to access and do not hinder your paddle stroke. The stability and seat position of the Noa allow the angler to sit ‘side saddle’ to access gear from the rear well and fish.


The Noa is no speed machine but doesn’t seem to push a large bow wave considering its relatively short length and wide waterline width. It is a pretty efficient hull shape. It is easy to manoeuvre and would be great for anything from chasing bass in skinny water or chasing bream around any pontoons or structure.

If you’re fairly nimble standing and fishing in this kayak is an option. I thought that the hard chines on the hull may have made it a little tippy when the kayak was turned sideways when travelling at speed but this wasn’t the case. It maintains its stability through a range of movements.


Noa is a Hawaiian word meaning ‘free’ or ‘freedom’. If you’re looking to drop a kayak into a creek, river, estuary or small protected bay this kayak should provide that freedom!. I’d consider something longer if you wanted to cover large distances but if you don’t need to go big distances this is a light weight, stable fishing platform that is very comfortable to fish from and very easy to store and transport.


The Mantra Noa retails for $599 or $698 including the deluxe seat and paddle. Note that some freight surcharges may apply in some parts of Australia.

For a Mantra Kayaks dealer in Australia, or to view one of the other Mantra models, visit

As this is a new brand of kayak on the Australian market, Mantra Kayaks are look for dealers interested in stocking the Mantra Kayaks Collection. Visit the website for more information.

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    Wayne Hay (Monday, 17 April 2023 01:29)

    What is the price of your kayaks have had a mantra for eleven and it’s started to crack in places it’s been a great kick and had a hard life and caught plenty of fish ? Thanks

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