Sea Kayak Accessories

Sea Kayak  Accessories
Sea Kayak Accessories

Below I have listed my 10 top Sea Kayak accessories.  These are items that I’d consider to be at the top of their class and superior kit to other similar items on the market.

This opinion is based on 18 years of commercial sea kayaking experience including numerous multiday expeditions.  I’m a level 2 Sea Instructor and self confessed gear junky!

1. Werner Cyprus 2 piece Paddle.  This paddle is not only amazingly light weight but has a foam core in the blades that helps it exit the water at the end of your stroke.  The slightly dihedral blade with smooth back cuts into the water cleanly on the catch phase of your stroke.  The joiner is the neatest on the market  and locks together at set increments of offset.  Quite simply, Werner make the best paddles in the world, and the Cypress is the best of the best.

2. Reed Spraydeck.  Reeds Aquatherm material is unique in that it is waterproof, breathable, lightweight & durable.  We find that with the optional braces you can have the waist tube as a loose fit to promote torso rotation while paddling.  A great spraydeck for Qld conditions due to the breathability.

3. Adventure Outlet Tow Line.  As we tow people on a regular basis on our tours we have had the luxury of testing many tow systems.  The advantages of our towline includes large stretch component in the line to take up any jolting/jurking that the tower experiences in bumpier conditions, large bag opening for quick repacking and stainless clips included. 

4. Becksom Hand Pump.  I have owned one of these for the last 10 years and it goes out on everyone of our tours and courses.  It easier to pump, pumps a greater volume and outlasts any other hand pump on the market. 

5. Access Top (CAG).  There are other great CAGS on the market but not at the RRP of $149. Its waterproof fabric is highly breathable making it great for Qld conditions.  With a thermal underneath it is fine for colder conditions………I wore one everyday crossing Bass Strait! 

6. Solution Kayak Trolley.  Over the years we have sold many trolleys that are a similar design to the Solution Kayak Trolley, but not as good.Oversized anodised alloy tubing, hyperlon retainers for increased strength, quality stainless fittings and  new tie downs with easy feed webbing……and only RRP $119

7. SPT Lockable Tie Downs. The SPT Lockable Tie Downs are the simplest and easiest method of securing your kayaks or pretty much anything you want to put on the roof of your vehicle.

8. GoSo Multi Sport Long Sleeve Top - A versatile, lightweight, breathable long sleeve sports top made from a blend of microtex and lycra. The GoSo Sports Top is ideal for keeping you cool in summer or warm in winter.

9. Big River Dry Bags - The ultimate dry bags!  TPU laminated fabric with 10,000 MM waterhead; Super strong and abrasion resistant 420D nylon fabric; Waterproof, double stitched, reinforced, tape sealed seams; Hypalon® lash loops for secure attachment or stacking; Waterproof Hypalon® roll top closure - does not wick moisture.

10. Aleeda Long Sleeve Polypro - Great new product that is warmer than a rashie and not as prone to wind chill.  Designed to be a snug fit this top has a very tight weeve making it  hold very little water and not get as heavy as a wet polypro top.  Slightly fleece inner makes it comfortable and very quick drying.


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