The all NEW Tahe Marine kayaks are arriving at Adventure Outlet!

Tahe Marine Sea Kayaks
Tahe Marine Sea Kayaks

One of the largest kayak manufacturers in Northern Europe, Tahe Kayaks was established 21 years ago. During this time the range of kayaks has increased significantly. Product development and production takes place on the northern coast of Estonia, using the most advanced technology and best materials available.

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Due to their proximity to Scandanavia, some of the designs have traditional origin's, none more so than Tahe's Greenland & Greenland-T models.  The Greenland-T is an exceptionally exciting kayak to paddle.  For the sea kayaker that has a touring kayak and is looking for a 'sports car' to do their shorter paddles and general playing about, this kayak should definitely be on the short list.

As the recently appointed Qld distributor of Tahe Marine kayaks, our first container of these kayaks will be arriving in the second half of September. We are bringing in 9 different models including:

Wind 585 - rudder & skeg:  $2990

Wind 535 - rudder & skeg:  $2990

Wind 505 - rudder & skeg:  $2990

Greenland - skeg:  $2990

Greenland-T - skeg:  $3090

Reval Midi - skeg:  $2890

Sea Spirit - rudder:  $2599

Coast Spirit - 3 layer polyethylene - rudder:  $1990

Lifestyle 444 - rudder:  $1990

Of the 26 kayaks arriving, 14 of these are still available across all of the 9 models.  For more info you can check the Tahe Marine website at  or give us a call on 07 5571 2929 or check our website



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Dylan on a Jester Surf Ski
Dylan on a Jester Surf Ski

The kids are certainly growing up and getting better at paddling! It's almost impossible now for me to keep up to Dylan on the Jester while paddling a sit on top kayak, something he's quite happy about! ;)

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